head portrait claremontFor full version, see CV.


University of California, San Diego: PhD Candidate, Political Science Department

Advisors: James Fowler, Claire Adida, David Lake, Molly Roberts, Yixiao Sun, Tian Zheng

Columbia University: Visiting Scholar, Statistics Department

New York University:  M.A., Politics Department. Focus: Political Economy.

Toulouse School of Economics: 1st year PhD-level courses in Econometrics and Economic Theory

Columbia University: B.A., Economics and Political Science.  

Invited Talks & Conferences

Joint Statistical Meeting, 2016

American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, 2013-2018

PolMeth, Society of Political Methodology, 2015-2017

Princeton Political Methodology Colloquium, 2015


Visions in Methodology, 2015

Midwest Political Science Association 70th Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, 2015, 2012

Genetic Analysis Workshop 19, Vienna, Austria, August 2014

New Faces in Political Methodology VII, Pennsylvania State University, April 26, 2014


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